Sunday, February 27, 2011

Acrylic skies

This is my 4th acrylic painting. 70x90 cm canvas. 
painted for my lovely Aunt. 

This is my 3rd Acrylic painting. dunno how big it was... big enough.
Painted for my favorite cousin!

2nd acrylic painting. quite small 25x25

This is what started it all. Pretty shitty painting if you ask me now!

I've been trying different mediums lately, and this is what I've done in acrylics. very interesting medium, but also very hard to make it work! I dont need to go into detail on all this right now.. maybe later!

Met this seagull once... I think that's what he was! anywho, he made some explicit Star Wars art on my car!

Dont think I'll try this medium yet....

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