Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I wish I could draw stuff for money

For a long period of time I was thinking to myself; "I wish I could draw stuff for money."
There was mainly two things in particular I wanted to do, Tattooing and/or Digital Art of some sorts.
Tattooing wasn't the easiest thing to just start with, and I sure as hell wouldn't be a scratcher!
So I bought a tablet and decided that digital art was what I could do just straight away!
I started watching tons of other guys and girls make insanely good art, my expectations were sky-high,
and some even made tutorials that I thought I could follow for fast learning.

I was wrong.

The first stuff I made was absolute shit!

Most people give up at this stage, it just doesn't look the way it looks inside your head.
But I just kept at it, although I knew nothing about photoshop or design in general.
With no structure to the approach, it took a really long time to learn how stuff worked.
It actually took so long, that my drawing skills in general didn't get any attention.
It was all about digital art and getting good at it...

Then one day, a friend of mine pointed out I needed to draw more... and draw alot from real life!

And so I did.

Eventually I had filled up a portfolio and since digital art already was at a pause,
I started looking around for an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist.

No luck.

So I got back into Digital art!
This time it worked out a little better since I had been drawing alot on paper,
But I still didn't get any work...
Until I changed the way I think! I went from "I wish I could" to "I am going to!".

And shortly after, someone called me and wanted me to design an album cover!
The band was . And here is the 2 illustrations I made for them:

"Surfing The Apocalypse"

After I had finished these I was on a roll! A new barrier was breached. sortof a level up.
Ready to tackle new challenges and get my work out to the world, I was put in a new situation.

I got an apprenticeship!

The shop is called Lowlife tattoo  and is located in Trondheim.
Here I will be working and learning new stuff with two awesome people; Roger and Izzy!
Stop by if you're in the area.

This was the short, very loose story and I am by no means an expert at anything yet,
But I feel that I'm on the right track!

And to all of you who have a dream;

Keep at it! Don't let anyone convince you that YOUR dream is impossible! Work hard and aim for the sky!
The universe will present an opportunity for you, Be ready for it!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


More sketches in ps!


A quick portrait doodle of a friend :) She is really cute!

Phoenix sketcharoonie

Here's a little playing around in ps with some swatches I gathered from a movie scene! (Don't tell anyone;)
need to figure out some sort of story to apply.. cuz he is just there.. doing nothing :p boring,.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flower girl

Practicing my photoshop skills! did a sketch, took a picture with my phone, import to ps, and I just used the eyedropper tool all around and changed the hue and saturation from there.. just experimenting! Not quite done yet, but it's getting there.

Nurse pinup

Yet another tattoo design.
It didn't look anything like this when it got done.. but oh well :p  


Tattoo design I did for a friend. filmed the whole thing aswell!
You can watch it here:


One of the most awesome people I know!


a portraift of a friend of mine :) 


Zombies are so much fun ^^,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The first day of the last year!

You now have 1 year left, Better make it count! Don't skip opportunities.
Be all you ever dreamed of!

 To quote a great man;

"Allow 2012 to be the greatest possible expression of yourself."

All I wanted to say I forgot. So here's some sketches and unfinished shit from and upto 2011.

Here's a little section of where I work: